Andrei Crossbody Bag with USB Charging Port


The Andrei Anti-theft chest bag is a rare find. With all the designs of chest bags today, the Andrei chest bag is made to be different. It is very stylish yet minimalistic. It's made of a waterproof fabric so sudden rain or water splashes is no longer an issue. Although this anti-theft bag is very minimalistic, don't get fooled it's full of inside compartments for easy storage.

This bag is 20 centimeters long and 10 centimeters wide with a height of 32 centimeters. It can fit your daily essentials such as an umbrella, phone, tablet, pens, a power bank (which you can use for the USB charging port) and your charging cables. It's perfect for commuting, shopping and you can use this bag on airports. With its durable design and anti-theft features, nothing stops you from owning this Andrei anti-theft chest bag.


  1. USB charging port
  2. Earphones slot
  3. Tablet computer compartment
  4. Waterproof fabric
  5. Itemized storage space
  6. Comfortable Carrying straps

Capacity: 6L

Length: 20 cm
Height: 32 cm
Width: 10 cm
Material: Waterproof Fabric
External: Nylon
Internal: Polyester

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