Robert (Anti-Theft Backpack with USB Charging Port)

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If you are looking for an edgy backpack that can store your belongings securely? This one is for you.

The Robert Anti-Theft Backpack is a function and fashion all in one backpack. Inside the main compartment, you will find a multi functional pocket to store your small items. It has a main compartment with storage roomy enough to carry all of your essentials.  On the side, you will see a USB charging port for convenient charging.  It has a separate laptop compartment at the back of the main compartment. It can keep your gadgets securely organized. The back panel has a secret compartment for your wallet. The straps are padded for your optimum comfort. It has a card slot on one strap. The Robert Anti Theft Backpack is an edgy design that improves on a classic. It is made to last and is ideal for everyday use. It is perfect for the daily commutes to school and the office.

  1. Comfortable Backpack - this Robert backpack is made for you to be comfortable while traveling. It has padded straps and organized interiors.
  2. Secure Storage - Nothing beats the worry-free anti-theft features of this bag. The design is perfectly made for this purpose.
  3. On-the-go Charging - No more panic attacks when you have a low battery. It's innovative because it's very convenient. In this modern age, we all have a hard time living without our smartphones.
  4. Tough Backpack - Made for secure storage, comfort and made to be modern! It's also WATERPROOF! This all in one backpack is tough enough to carry your essentials it's all you need in a backpack. Reliable as a true friend.
  • Capacity: 20-35 L
  • Type: Softback
  • Feature: with USB charging, Anti theft design, large compartment
  • Color: Black and Grey

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