Alfred Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port


If you are a student or a professional, one thing that you know is how important your laptop is to your everyday activities. That’s why you want the right backpack to keep essential items that you use daily. This bag can store your notebooks, umbrella, laptop and other gadgets you need.

It has a back panel that can relieve stress and is perfect for everyday use. It can keep your essentials safe on the move while still having a standout style. It automatically adds a gorgeous glow to any outfit. It prioritizes comfort without compromising style. It's storage is expandable to fit your needs.

The Alfred laptop backpack is perfect for backpacking, travel, and also functions as a school bag. It’s made of durable and water repellent fabric, so your items in it will stay safe and dry anywhere you go.


  1. Shoulder straps provide comfortable, hassle-free carrying.
  2. Large storage capacity (30-40L) can support your daily necessities.
  3. Secure storage - has padded internal compartments.
  4. Expandable storage capacity can adjust to your storage needs.
  5. Stay organized in style with this quick access side pockets to keep your power bank.
  6. Water-resistant exterior keeps your items dry
  7. USB charging port keeps you connected, now you don't have to find a socket to plug your gadgets.


AH-Alfred Backpack

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