Basil Crossbody Shoulder Bag

Dark Grey

Torn between a typical, old-fashioned and small crossbody bag and a large and roomy backpack for ticking out with just the essentials? Your phone, wallet and small necessities are too much for your crossbody bag while your backpack is too much for the job. With this Crossbody Shoulder Bag, you can fit only the essentials while maintaining a roomy space for extra things that you pick along the way. This is a durable bag that can go along with you in the office, in school, or even travelling. What’s better is that this bag is made out of oxford material and it definitely waterproof. So that means, you don’t have to worry about things getting wet in cases of sudden rain.

Dimension: L38 x W8 x H28 CM

Material: Polyester

Basil - Messenger bag

Basil front - Messenger bag, Sling bag -

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