Edison E-charge Wallet


There are days when you just want to travel light. If you are just going to the coffee shop or the mall, you don't have to take a lot of things with you. It's also a hassle to bring a large power bank and a smartphone. It's too bulky. It's like bringing a smartphone with a huge battery pack. Do you want to know what's new? Travel light with a power bank wallet.

This is a unisex business card wallet that comes with a power bank. It's a genius innovation for people who are always on the go. This wallet comes with cardholders and power bank to charge your gadgets. It also has an internal compartment that could fit your smartphone or paper bills. It's very convenient and portable. It keeps your items organized.

Get connected with this modern and efficient power bank wallet. It's a perfect addition to your leather wallet collection. Perfect for tech-savvy men and women. Get yours now while stocks last.


  • Made of leather so you will be able to keep your power bank protected from scratches in a convenient and classy way.
  • It is a long wallet that can fit your essentials.
  • It's a very fashionable design to compliment your style.
  • This comes with a 6800 mAh power bank and a charging cable for Android and iPhone smartphones.
  • This is available in 3 colors: BLACK, BROWN & WHITE so you can choose the color that suits your sophisticated style.

Size: 180*95*15mm

Material: Microfiber leather

This is a non-wireless capable Powerbank. If you want a wireless charging-capable e-charge wallet, you can check our Franklin E-charge Wallet

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