Georgiana Luminous Magnetic Clip Wallet Purse

Georgiana Luminous Magnetic Clip Wallet Purse

New in our Arctic Women's Geometric Luminous Wallet!

❤We want to give you the most fashionable choice.❤

Perfect suitable for our bags!

The modern purse with the color shimmer effect!
In addition to the modern Diamond Criss Cross design, the wallet impresses especially with the color shimmering Luminous effect.

It's time to flaunt your style with this Japanese-inspired stained glass purse. It's intricately textured accents add an eye-catching sparkle. Light up your look with Georgiana. It makes you instantly classy while organizing your small items in a purse. The inside compartments are made to store your money, cards and important receipts. The perfect accessory for every outfit.

As a perfect addition to our Luminous purse!


  • Slightly color change effect in normal light
  • Crazy color luminous effect when reflects direct light


  • Type: Luminous purse wallet
  • Material: PU/Reflective
  • Size: 19.*10*3cm
  • Handmade Quality


When Is It Luminous ?

Luminous Bag - AH comparison

Try to take a photo with the flash and you will be surprised.

The Rainbow effect will occur when the light on the bag is stronger than the background light. Here are some examples:

  • If you wear this bag in a dark room, sunlight through the window and hit on the bag, the color will change as picture shows.
  • Rainbow effect occur when the car light hit on the bag in night, wear it in a bar, or take a picture with flash.

Note: If you wear it in sunlight, it keeps dark gray and almost no difference in color, because the sunlight is too strong.

Here we explain how it works in detail:

Step 1

When there is no natural daylight, sunlight or light from lamps reflecting off the surface, the bag is black and shows very slight to no color variations.

Step 2

In natural daylight the first noble color changes are visible. Depending on the light intensity, these are stronger or weaker. In the sunlight the colors seem more saturated and intense.

Step 3

Now it gets magical! 
When direct light is reflected, the bag lights up in intense, bright colors.
The effect occurs in direct sunlight or through the use of your smartphone flash. Depending on the intensity and color spectrum of the light, the bag shines in different colors.



Here is a video how on it looks in the dark with a flashlight / car headlights

Here is a video how it looks in the sunlight

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