Isabella + Esmeralda Luminous Bag Set

Absolutely adore this bag. When it hits the light, it’s very bright & reflective. Without the light, it’s a gray color. When I turned my flash on, you can really see the hidden colors of the purse.


  • Geometric Luminous Material
  • Stylish and cool design, the color changes when exposed to lights.
  • Two-piece combination package to meet all your daily needs.
  • High-quality materials and large capacity, durable and easy to accommodate a variety of daily necessities
  • Check out the product details in the video


  • Under normal lighting, the color of the bag is almost dark gray and the color is slightly different under different angles of illumination.
  • When the light changes drastically, the color changes greatly.
  • Especially at night, when illuminated by lights or flashlights, it will have a good effect.

What's inside:

If you are a fashionista wanting to shine bright, this Isabella + Esmeralda Bag Set is perfect for you. Charlotte, a gracefully regal name means 'strong and virile' or 'vigorous'.

These bags are uniquely-patterned and made with geometric luminous material . It comes in  2-piece combination package to meet all your daily needs: 

1.  Isabella Luminous Drawstring Shoulder Bag

After countless requests for a new style, we can proudly announce a new addition to our collection.
With the luminescent effect and the golden chain as a strap, this bag is probably one of the most extraordinary ones available.

With an adjustable extra strap.

The crazy color changing effect will make you stand out in a crowd.

This shoulder bag is just the perfect size (30*20*24CM). It allows you to carry your valuables in a stylish and elegant way. Make any outfit dazzle instantly with this Isabella Luminous Drawstring Shoulder Bag. The exterior is made of light reflectors that appears sophisticated and sexy. Stylish and cool design, the color changes with the light, let you be full of personality. It's made of high-quality materials and perfect for daily use. It is very gadget-friendly and functional. 
This model offers a lot of storage space due to its unique, bag-like design.
Keep your belongings secure, by using the drawstring in combination with the buckle on top.

2. Esmeralda Luminous Zipper Wallet Purse

After countless requests for a handbag, we can proudly announce a new addition to our collection.
With the Luminous effect, this Esmeralda Luminous Zipper Wallet Purse pack is probably one of the most extraordinary ones available.
New in Stock! The elegant design wallet
Perfect suitable for our bags!

The elegant purse with the color shimmer effect!
In addition to the modern Diamond design, the wallet impresses especially with the color shimmering Luminous effect. With integrated coin pouch!



When Is It Luminous ?

Luminous Bag - AH comparison

Try to take a photo with the flash and you will be surprised.

The Rainbow effect will occur when the light on the bag is stronger than the background light. Here are some examples:

  • If you wear this bag in a dark room, sunlight through the window and hit on the bag, the color will change as picture shows.
  • Rainbow effect occur when the car light hit on the bag in night, wear it in a bar, or take a picture with flash.

Note: If you wear it in sunlight, it keeps dark gray and almost no difference in color, because the sunlight is too strong.

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