Ivan + Augustus Bundle (Blue Edition)

Ivan + Augustus Bundle


A. Augustus Chest Bag-

Everyone seems to dig the portability and the convenience of having a belt bag but almost every design manufactured looks outdated and isn’t fashionable anymore. It makes you wonder whether a product is available in the market that can cater your style needs and your ideal carrying capacity for a belt bag. If that’s the case, look no further! The Augustus Chest Bag is everything that you are looking for in a bag. It is portable, convenient, and stylish. It is also roomy for your daily essentials like wallet, phone, keys and many more.


  1. Unique design and style- whether you’re adorned in a tux, school uniform or is donning your usual fashion choice, incorporating this bag to your wardrobe aren’t going to be a fashion mishap.
  2. Separate compartments- Did we forgot to mention how roomy and spacious this bag is? In fact, it has a compartment just for your tablet or IPad. With this, you can be sure that your gadgets are secured and, you have all the space you need to carry in your daily must-haves.
  3. Made of high-quality materials- with every product you purchase from us, you can be sure that it is made of excellent materials intended for long-term use and it is highly durable.
  4. Great for both men and women- this bag can be sported by both men and women. Its unique design makes it look fashionable for both sexes to wear.
  5. Waterproof- everyone will get panicky and will definitely freak out if rain suddenly happens and you aren’t sure that the contents of your bag are secure and won’t get wet in the process. With this bag, you are sure that your gadgets are safe because the material used in manufacturing this bag is for waterproofing it.

    B. Ivan Laptop Backpack with External USB Charging Port Port

    If you are a businessperson, one thing that you know is how important your laptop is to your everyday function. That’s why you want the right backpack to keep things like your laptop and other essential items that you use on a daily basis. Whether you are traveling for work or you are commuting to your job, this backpack gives you the durability you want.

    This backpack is perfect for backpacking, travel, and many other reasons. It’s made of durable and repellent fabric, so your items in it will stay safe and dry anywhere you go.




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