Leopold Business Backpack


Talking about boldness and simplicity, this intricately textured bag is unlike the usual backpacks that you can see being worn today. This one stands out in terms of design. It is dynamic, efficient, and easy-to-carry. Despite looking small and compact, this exquisite bag can carry your gadgets, important documents, and other daily essentials. Despite having the name business backpack, you can use this for hiking, traveling and daily school basis. Pair this backpack with your favorite shirt and jeans and it will add a gorgeous glow to your outfit.



Dare to look edgier and dominating with this finely detailed bag.


This reliable bag is spacy enough to carry all of your essentials.


Comfortable to carry without compromising fashion. Show off your trendsetting style when you wear this Leopold Business Backpack.


Whether you are a man or a woman you can surely wear this Leopold Backpack because this backpack knows no gender as long as you know how to rock it.

Capacity: 36-55 L


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Talk about boldness and simplicity. Unlike the usual backpacks that you can see being worn by everybody, this one stands out in terms of design, durability, and portability.


Bold color, design, and style

donning a solid color of black, you can stun everyone that looks at your bag because of how fashionable it looks.

Spacious room for daily essentials

whatever you might need to bring for a meeting, for a report, or for your hiking needs, you can fit it all inside. There is enough room for what you need to carry.

Portable and strong

we do not sacrifice comfort and style for the sake of durability. We incorporate these three elements to make sure you have a bag that will last long.

Flexible for both men and women

Both guys and gals can use this for their daily carry buddy. It can complement any style.